Below is the MRI scan of our Carolus Lady Madonna aka Cinders who would be graded a 'C' as she is under 2 1/2 years of age. Fortunately Cinders was 2 1/4 years at the time of the scan so we are hopeful that she would be an 'A' at 2 1/2 years. Cinders mother Beatles is clear but we do not know of her sire's status but she does have 2 half siblings on the sire's side who are also clear.

This is the scan of our lovely Carolus Little Madam JW who unfortunately has been given a 'D' grade, but only has a mild syrinx. This result is particularly sad as her mother Little Miss at Carolus (Missy) and her half-sister Patience are both clear. Missy also has a clear heart (cardiologist) over the age of 5 years. Of course Portia has a clear heart too.

Below is the scan of Clockpelters Lucille by Carolus (Lucy) who has been graded 'D'. Lucy is one of the fittest dogs you could find and is able to jump over puppy panels from a sitting position. She is just like a Harrier Jump Jet. Lucy has a clear heart (cardiologist) and clear eyes (Opthalmolgist) as do all our mummies.

Below we have the MRI scan of Clockpelters Carolus Little Miss Hap (Patience) who is the half-sister of our Portia, both daughters of Missy. We were delighted to know that little Patience was clear at the age of 20 months. She has a grade 'C'

**Above is an alternative way of viewing the MRI scans as a .pdf document by clicking on the file and viewing it online. If anyone has a comment about this feature please email or phone to let us know. Although not instantly visible it is a much clearer version. Comments would be gratefully received - Chris :-) **