We have been health testing our cavaliers since 1991 when we first started to breed the occasional litter.  Every cavalier we have ever bred has been either tattooed or microchipped, for our peace of mind and for our puppies' safety.
All of our cavaliers, of breeding age have now been DNA tested to find if they are carriers of either Dry Eye Curly Coat syndrome & Episodic Falling to ensure we do not pass these afflictions to any puppies we may breed.

***Please see our new puppies from our lovely Judy***

Blossom tree April 2009 E

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Dog Age Human Age
1 12
2 24
4 36
6 46
8 56
10 66
12 76
13 81
14 86
15 91
16 96

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hesitate to ring us: Please phone 01636 626618 & speak to Bill or Chris for more information

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Garden in June 2005 mini
Garden in June 2005 patio mini
Garden in June 2005 patio southwards mini
Blossom tree April 2009 D